Using our telecoms service level agreement will mean you never have to renew your telephones again negating future capital expenditure.


Our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) agreement is a full repairing and replacement service. This means that your organisation pays for the original installation, after which all renewals of handsets, routers, switches, servers and internet connections are maintained and where necessary replaced or updated regularly. This may lead you to believe that our monthly subscription charges are high, they aren’t! We are competitive within the marketplace. Our contract simply rewards customers for their loyalty, the longer you remain a customer the more you will benefit. That’s a promise!


These days telephony has become an IT function and we shouldn’t really identify it as a separate product but there is a tendency for prospective customers to view it as a separate business function, requiring a different skill set. All of our IT Support Staff are trained in all areas of VoIP


For the benefit of those who have little knowledge of VoIP, it is simply a system whereby telephone conversations are transmitted and received via the internet. This negates the necessity to use traditional copper wire provided by legacy suppliers.


Making and receiving VoIP calls will significantly reduce costs and will often improve call handling and reliability. VoIP also simplifies extending your telephone system to include additional extensions to a remote location anywhere in the world and will provide services directly to your mobile phone where necessary.

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