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The key to any business is its people and ours is no exception. Whether you are looking for IT support on contract for the whole network, Technicians or network managers either on a permanent or ad hoc basis, or simply provide a point of escalation for your current IT Team our people have the skills and knowledge to deliver first time, every time.


With over 30 years of combined professional experience in IT service delivery and strategy our Team will ensure that the day to day operations and ongoing requirements of your establishment are met.


Outsourcing IT Support should not be motivated by cost alone there are many other benefits when moving to 3S.



  • Access to ICT industry ‘best practice’ processes and procedures

  • Access to industry trained ICT technicians

  • Escalation support for problems which cannot be solved by ‘on-site’ technician

  • Advice on strategic ICT developments

  • Ability to use ‘flexible’ ICT staffing arrangements to meet current needs; There is no fixed offering, the school determines the level of support it requires

  • Removal of ‘management overheads’ for the school (i.e. training and skills refreshes for IT staff).

  • No long-term ‘tie-in’; contractual arrangements are flexible and can be made on a twelve month renewal basis

  • No dependence on proprietary software, so the school does not enter major difficulties if arrangements with 3S are terminated in the future

  • Removal of dependence on ‘in-house’ ICT technicians and the risk of ‘what happens if they leave’?





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