Free Advice

Our Well of Knowledge

Over the years we have discovered that schools often pay much more for products and services.  This can usually be linked to a lack of time or understanding in given supplier markets.

Strong ethics in educational spending and our belief that as much money as possible should reach the classroom has encouraged us to provide free of charge advice to educational establishments.

Whether your school is looking for additional devices to support home learning, infrastructure development, software, licensing, maintenance contracts, general provision, telecoms, or a new energy provider we can help.  We understand many of the markets that facilitate the day to day operations of your school.

If you would like some free advice or would like us to find you the most cost-effective options for a given project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What do we get out of it you may ask yourself.  Well, although it's not compulsory by any means we would like to think that you might include us when you are looking at future ICT Support needs.