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There's nothing quite like an in-house ICT Support Team.  In-house teams deliver dedication, ownership, and build strong working relationships with staff, students, and the wider community.  This traditionally makes it extremely hard for contracted service providers to meet expectations.


As a former ICT Strategic Co-Ordinator and a member of SLT at a group of Outstanding Academies, I gained a holistic view of what it takes, not only to manage ICT systems, support staff, curriculum requirements, and finance but more importantly plan for the future. Ensuring the Academy was able to grow and flex during times of prosperity and of course uncertainty.

Over my years in education, I have seen first hand how enriching ICT can be for staff and students when implemented and managed correctly.  Unfortunately, to this day, many Schools and Academies are not able to unleash the full potential of provision and services.  This often comes down to a lack of understanding, planning, and strategy, contractors not meeting SLAs or the day to day management of ICT Support Staff.


I founded 3S to develop solutions that can address the key areas where technology can facilitate a step change. Our clients benefit from the perks and cost savings associated with outsourcing whilst maintaining the value add you see with an in-house Support Team.

Whether it's ad-hoc support or a fully managed solution we put your school, staff, and students first.  We build strong working relationships and deliver every time.

Alexander Tunesi


3SCompany Ltd